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Here you will find a summary of many of our Anchororigination in the areas of business loans, working capital financing,  SR & ED tax credit financings, Government SBL loans, acquisition financing, equipment leasing,  commercial mortgages, franchise financing, and business plan and consulting engagements


             (Confidentiality prevents the disclosure of certain information pertaining to the transaction)*

business financing track record of 7 park avenue financial

* We created a business and finance plan for a used sports equipment franchise – that plan allowed our client to complete financing for his business = Location – Hamilton Ont

* We created a business plan and valuation document for a roofing contractor  - That allowed the client to facilitate business sale negotiations – Location Bradford Ont

* We created a business plan and finance cash flow plan for a cosmetics start-up for a reality TV Star – Location – Los Angeles

- We successfully originated a $1,500,000,00 commercial borrowing facility for a consumer finance company located in British Columbia

* We originated a SR&ED Tax Credit Financing for a software company -  $ 300,000.00   Location – Edmonton Alberta

* We arranged a supply chain financing program for a tech company in Montreal Quebec

* We originated  equipment asset financing for a modular home mfr -  Location – Niagara on the Lake Ont - $ 260,000

* We originated business financing for a holding company in Calgary Alberta - $ 150,000

* We successfully completed a business plan and franchise financing origination for an Oxford Learning franchise  - Toronto Ontario- $ 150,000.00

*  We successfully completed lease financing for a Paint Booth facility – Location – Toronto Ont - $ 125.000.00

*  We did a follow on financing for our client, a modular home mfr in Niagara region, Ontario - $ 300,000.00

*  We created a business and finance plan for a music venue – Location – London Ont

*   We did a business and cash flow plan for our client, a leading Cannabis consulting company

*    We originated asset financing for a label mfr – Location – Vaughan Ont -  $ 150,000.00

*   We created a business plan for a skin cosmetics mfr – Location Toronto

*   We originated a lease finance facility for a medical equipt mfr = Location Toronto  - $ 250,000.00

*  We originated Sred Financing for a software company in Toronto - $ 200,000.00

*  We originated  a SRED bridge loan for a hydrocarbon company in Oakville , Ont

*   We originated an equipment loan for a transport truck for our Richmond Hill Client - $ 25,000.00

*   We originated a Sred bridge loan for our client – Software firm, Toronto Ont  $ 180,000.00

*    We originated a business acquisition for bank loan for our client – Tree Company – Halton Wentworth $ 2,000,000.00

*    We originated a bridge loan for our client  - Restaurant – Whitby Ont  $ 160,000.00


*   We originated a SRED tax credit financing loan for our client, A medical clinic in Ottawa ONT $ 50,000.00


*  We originated a  $ 472,500.00  SR&ED tax credit financing for the Canadian subsidiary of a  European software firm. The firm will use the proceeds for general working capital needs.- Location - Alberta - 


* We originated approval for a $ 500,000.00  Inventory financing facility for a Canadian transportation firm - Location - Mississauga, Ont -


* We originated, and acted as an interim advisor a $1,500,000.00 refinancing pertaining to a large Dental practice - Location - Toronto, Ontario -


* We arranged an Insurance Bond for a landscaper in Mississauga, Ont. The company will use the bond to facilitate the origination of larger revenue contracts with Municipalities.-


* We originated a $500,000.00 ASSET BASED LINE OF CREDIT for an agricultural mfr located in South Western Ontario. The company, previously self-financing, will use proceeds to facilitate larger revenue opportunities. 


* We originated and acted as advisor for a $ 250,000  film tax  credit financing - Location - Toronto Ont

* We originated a $ 2,000,000.00 Demand loan and working capital facility for our client, a Western Canadian agricultural firm located in Sask. ;  Proceeds will be used for working capital -

*  We originated a $70,000 equipment financing transaction for a Condo Corporation in British Columbia-

* We originated and acted as advisor for a start-up Gov't business  loan for a Richmond Hill Ontario client - Financing approved at $270,000.00 - - the client will use proceeds for purchase of operational assets for start-up Cement firm

* We facilitated a Video Tax credit financing for our client - $ 106,000.00 - Location - Toronto -

* We originated a  $ 300,000.00 sale-leaseback for our client, a leading Toronto Advertising Agency - Proceed for working capital, growth -

* We facilitated a  $100,000.00 invoice financing/ receivable factoring facility for our client, a mfr of Wash systems -Location - GTA /Toronto -

* We originated and completed a $1,500,000.00  Asset Based Bridge loan for an alternative energy manufacturer. The company will use the facility to reduce payables and finance manufacturing facilities. Location - Mississauga, Ontario -

* We facilitated, originated, and acted as advisor for a Canadian chartered bank line of credit in the amount of 2,000,000.00$ for our client, a Canadian engineering firm located in Eastern Ontario. The client will use facilities to expand their international growth.

* We completed an add - on lease financing transaction with our client, a leading Canadian Internet Service Provider - Location - SW Ontario - Total equipment financing to date for this client = $ 500,000.00 -

* We facilitated a receivable financing facility for our client, a manufacturer of industrial washing systems - Location - Woodbridge ,  Ontario - $ 100,000.00 -

* We arranged a $250,000.00 receivable financing facility for our client, a leader in Sports Social Media.

* We originated an Animation tax credit financing for our client  - Amount financed under the tax credit - $ 140,000.00 -

* We originated a $1,000,000.00 term sheet/financing offer for our client, a leading mfr of Solar Panels in Ontario.

* We originated and completed a $240,000.00 SRED ( SR&ED) Tax credit financing, for our client, a Western Canadian firm in the  Wind turbine industry -

* We finalized an add on securitization tranche for our client a services player in the Automotive aftermarket - $ 140,000.00  - We anticipate another  $ 500,000.00 advance under this facility shortly, bringing total finance for this transaction to the 1,000,000.00$ range.

* We originated lease financing for a Bus for a sports firm located in Western Canada - $ 60,000.00-

*  We completed a $ 530,000.00 equipment financing for technology assets for a Canadian Internet Service Provider - Location - Southern Ontario -

* We originated and acted as an advisor on a  $300,000.00 ABL  asset-based line of credit for our client, a distributor of security devices in Alberta -

* We completed our 4th and 5th tranche securitization financing in the amount of  $ 615,000/00 for our client who is a services player in the automotive aftermarket -

* We originated a $ 50,000.00 sale /leaseback for a manufacturing company located in North Western Ontario - providing the company with additional working capital for expansion -

* We completed a third tranche securitization facility for our client, an automotive aftermarket player in South Western Ontario - Total financing $300,000.00 -

* We originated a $300,000.00 asset-based line of credit financing offer for our client, a distributor of security controls systems in Western Canada - - Alberta

*  We originated and acted as advisor for a $ 350,000.00 equipment financing loan under the Government BIL /CSBF program - Proceeds were used to finance new Mold equipment for our Manufacturing client located in Richmond Hill, Ont -  

* We originated a $150,000.00  tax credit financing for a software games publisher in the Greater Toronto Area - 

* We acted as advisor and originator on a $500,000.00  contract securitization facility for a financial services firm in the Automotive industry - Location - London, Ont -

*  We completed a $100,000.00 Equipment Financing for a Landscape firm in South West Ontario -

* We originated a $350,000,00 Government of Canada Small Business Financing Loan for a new Medical/Wellness Centre in Mississauga -

* We originated a $300,000.00  working capital and accounts receivable financing facility for our client, a manufacturer in the aerospace industry. We had previously completed a refinancing of the clients real estate facility in Toronto -

*  We acted as advisor and originated an asset-based lending agreement in the amount of $ 6,000,000.00 for our client, a distributor of industrial goods and tools in the GTA. This asset-based line of credit replaces a chartered bank facility in the 2.6M dollar range, providing the customer with greater liquidity for growth - Location - Northern GTA -

* We completed a $280,00.00 sred ( SR&ED) bridge loan for our client, a leader in the international Biometrix market - This was our 2nd Canadian sred tax credit financing for this client .- Location - Toronto -

* We acted as advisor and also originated a  $1,750,000.00  asset-based line of credit and receivable financing facility for a Halton based leader in the  Canadian environmental industry. This asset-based lending arrangement provides working capital financing and purchase order financing for the clients Canadian and international operations -

*  We originated a  $250,000.00 working capital line of credit facility for a truck wholesale in the Halton Region .-

* We originated an $85,000.00 merchant cash advance working capital loan for our client, a high-end restaurant in the Durham region .-

* We completed a $250.000.00 Canadian franchise financing for our client, a diversified leader in the Canadian QSR industry -  This financing pertained to their breakfast restaurant subsidiary.

* We originated a $11,000 merchant cash advance working capital loan for an Ottawa retail in the Bridal Industry -

* We originated   $500,000.00 in franchise financing for a Small Quick Service Restaurant franchisor for locations in Mississauga and Brampton. -

* We arranged a $250,000.00 franchise finance loan for our client, an emerging Canadian franchisor in the QSR industry, with current locations in Ontario and Quebec. Our financing was for the proposed Hamilton location. -

* We arranged acquisition financing for a high-end dining establishment in the Durham region - $  350,000.00-

* We originated, and acted as an advisor on an $ 800,000.00 equipment financing transaction for a digital printing press - Location - Richmond Hill -

*  We developed and originated a customized consumer financing solution for our client, a start-up firm in the home renovation industry - The client anticipates annual financings in the $1,000,000.00 range based on this securitized facility -

* We originated two working capital and asset-based lending facilities for firms in ST. THOMAS, Ont and  Mississauga Ont -  The companies were in the transportation and textile industries -  Total financing approved = $ 1,600,000.00 -

* We originated Canadian franchise financing for a major QSR operation in the GTA for two locations in Toronto and suburbs -  $ 400,000.00 -

* We arranged lease financing for a QSR operator in Guelph Ontario - $ 30,000.00 -

* We originated equipment lease financing for our client, a SPA in Oakville, Ontario - $  18,000.00 We had previously arranged acquisition financing for the same client  -

*  We acted as advisor to a landscaping and snow removal firm in the GTA with respect to expansion and metrics analysis - Location - Mississauga

* Advised and acted as an originator for a  $ 500,000 - 1,000,000.00$  lease financing facility for a leader in the Ontario Education industry - Location - Mississauga

* Arranged lease financing for an upscale SPA in downtown Toronto re refurbishments - $ 14,000.00

* Originated a  $ 1,000,000.00 SR ED financing approval  ( SR & ED Loan ) for a Canadian firm in the Biometrix industry.  Location: Toronto -

* We arranged acquisition financing for the sale of an established and successful commercial catering firm in Halton region -  The owner intends to expand and potentially franchise the business  $ 320,000.00 -

* We provided a business plan for a QSR operator in Whitby, allowing them to complete franchise financing negotiations with their bank

* We acted as advisors and facilitators for a high-end furniture consignment firm in Oakville, Ont -  The firm intends to expand nationally based on their unique business model - this was a Consulting engagement and included a business plan for the customer.

* Equipment financing for a used car dealership - Scarborough Ont -  $ 8000.00 ;

* We originated a refinancing of term debt for a customer in the Print industry, allowing them to complete arrangements with their bank on an increased revolver facility - $ 75,000.00 -

*  Arranged acquisition financing for an upscale Full-service Spa in Halton - $ 275,000.00 -

* Originated a  $2,000,000.00 secondary financing for a major  Convention facility in the  NIAGARA/WENTWORTH region, This facility will allow the firm to undertake a significant expansion  -

* Arranged a  $500,000  working capital facility for our client, an established print/sign firm in Halton Region - Aug / 2009 - This was a follow on financing to the SRED tax credit we arranged for the same customer

* We originated, on behalf of our client, a restaurant organization, additional equipt financing ($ 25,000.00) for their Yonge St flagship new location - Location - Toronto

* We arranged an approval for a $400,000.00 working capital facility for our client - a leader in the Canadian sports fishing/hunting arena - July 2009 - Location - Barrie

* 7 Park Avenue Financial originated a $540,000.00 asset-backed equipt loan for a client in the Glass industry - Location Woodbridge - Client will use proceeds of the loan to acquire additional production equipment

* Arranged a Govt Small Business Loan in the amount of $ 229,00.00 for an existing client, a Canadian QSR franchisor - re their proposed new Niagara Falls Ont location - Location - Niagara Falls -

*  We arranged a $27,000 software financing lease for a firm in the alarm monitoring industry - Location - GTA-

* Originated and acted as advisor for a $ 150,000.00 tax credit grant for a Burlington printing firm -

* 7 Park Avenue Financial originated a  corporate  re-financing for a multi-unit TIM HORTONS operator - location - Mississauga -   $ 400,000.00

* We arranged a   $200,000.00 floor plan financing facility for a Toronto used car dealership, allowing the firm to grow revenue and consider a move into larger premises - Location - Toronto -

* We originated a  $2,500,000.00 equipt financing for one of Canada's leading trade organizations in the financial services industry -  Location: Toronto -

*  We arranged and originated a sale-leaseback facility for a construction firm , allowing the customer to reduce payments on the current debt by approx 40% -  Location - Peterborough -     $ 640,000.00 -

* Originated a tax credit financing for a manufacturer of LED lighting displays - Location: Niagara - $ 128,000 -

* 7 Park Avenue Financial arranged fleet financing for a  landscape/snow removal firm in the Mississauga area - that firm having acquired a significant municipal contract -  $ 20,000.00 -

* Facilitated an equipment financing for a commercial bakery - location - Brampton - $40,000.00 -

* Originated a  $1,350,000 asset-based line of credit for a Cdn mfr of material handling equipment - Funds will be used for general working capital purposes and growth objectives -  Location: Burlington, Ont -

7 Park Avenue Financial arranged a  $ 65,000 working capital/banking facility for a publishing firm in Burlington, Ont -

* We arranged a  125,000  working capital facility based on a sale-leaseback of assets - proceeds used to retire debt and provide additional working capital - Location - Brampton -

We facilitated a  $900,000 equipment financing for an international mining firm with significant operations in Western Canada -

* We originated a permanent working capital loan, $ 50,000,  for a mfg firm in the Security industry - Location - Halton region - This was our second financing for the firm

* We originated a  $371,000  equipt financing for plant expansion, furniture manufacturer, South West Ontario

* We facilitated a $101,000.00 equipt financing for a firm in the monument industry -

* We originated a $650,000.00  working capital financing for a glass wholesaler located in GTA North, -

* We arranged financing for a Concrete firm located in South Western Ontario -

* We originated a $25,000.00 bank facility for a mfg firm in  Georgetown Ont in the Security industry

* We arranged for approval of a $ 250,000.00 working capital facility for a Vancouver technology firm - The firm will use the facility to supplement working capital and growth needs - 

* We originated a $500,000.00 working capital facility for a leading Cdn mfr of Spray booths in the GTA - The customer will use the facility to augment working capital based on current growth plans -

* We obtained approval for a sale-leaseback for a Hamilton recycling firm, allowing them to complete a $175,000 equipment acquisition - This was our second financing for this customer, the first completed in Oct /07 -

* Arranged a  $1,020,000.00  secondary financing for a mfg firm primarily in the aerospace industry - Location - Downsview -

 * Originated, on behalf of our customer, a sale-leaseback for equipment for a Hamilton, Ont recycling firm - Amount - $42,000.00 -

Originated a  $218,000  equipment financing for a waste haulage and scrap firm located in South Western Ontario, enabling the company to fulfill a large service contract they had received -

 Originated a  $1,300,000.00 secondary financing for one of Canada's largest textile recyclers - enabling the company to facilitate an international expansion - 

* Arranged financing for an environmental cleanup firm located in the Hamilton/Niagara region -  equipment - $25,000.00  -

 * We arranged a working capital loan for a start-up firm in the Personnel Recruitment industry - $ 80,000.00 -

* We originated acquisition financing on behalf of our client in the building automation industry, allowing them to successfully complete a 1/4 Million $ acquisition of a spin-off. -

* Arranged financing for a complex real estate refinancing for a commercial equipment rental firm in South West Ontario - Amount financed - $250,000.00-

* Obtained, our customer's behalf, a $164,000 for our customer - allowing them to purchase a turn-key franchise operation in the Quick Service Food industry.  Location - Whitby, Ont -

*  Originated a $1,000,000.00 financing transaction for one of Canada's largest and most well-known industry non-profit organizations in the financial sector - We also provided approved financing for the balance of the project, valued at $ 12,000,000.00+ over the next 18 months. -

* Obtained a 38,000$ Equipment loan for construction machinery for a Toronto development/construction firm

Originated a $400,000.00 finance facility for a leading bindery firm in the print industry - This facility allowed the customer to purchase additional equipment required for their full-service Scarborough production facility.

* Originated, at the request of our customer, a   $3,100,000.00  commercial mortgage facility - Our customer is a  truck body mfr in the GTA,  and will use the new facility to expand and grow their business

*  Originated, and acted as advisor, for a $500,000  operating line/working capital facility for a Hamilton, Ont steel processor

*  We obtained approval for a $200,000  sale/leaseback for a western Ontario mfg firm - The firm has just engineered a mgmt buy out and proceeds were used to replenish working capital

*  Originated an approval for $125,000 equipt  sale /leaseback for an integrated marketing communications firm - The firm will use the proceeds to fund additional software development Location - Toronto Airport area

* Originated a $ 500,000 non bank operating/working capital facility for a manufacturer in the ' clean' industry in Brantford Ont

* We originated a $68,000 lease financing for a Commercial print/bindery firm in Aurora Ont

* We acted as an originator for a $250,000 mortgage facility for a Toronto party

* We originated 460,000.00$ of financing for the expansion of an existing sports management  firm in the Halton Region

We originated a 75,000 working capital facility for a tire distributor in Hamilton, Ont.

* We arranged funding for an Internet  ASP provider in the  Building Controls industry - allowing the firm to purchase new computers for their new office facility - $ 50,000.00

* We arranged a combination of a term loan, government SBL loan, and operating line of credit for a start-up firm in the Microbrewery industry - location = Southwestern Ontario - Amount = 150,000.00$

* Originated an 800,000.00$ non bank operating line of credit for a London Ont wholesale, replacing the customers smaller bank facility

* We successfully facilitated a 50,000$  working capital loan for an Oakville auto dealership

* We obtained, for our customer, a Caribbean quick-service food chain, a 400,000.00$ credit facility for working capital and equipment - allowing the chain to further enhance its expansion plans

*  Obtained  financing for our customers  SR ED tax credit - Mfg Company - Cambridge - $92,000.00

* Successfully  obtained a commercial mortgage for a customer in Hamilton Ontario - $ 300,000.00 - the customer will use the facility to add additional warehouse space to accommodate inventory

* We succeeded in obtaining our Kingston Ontario customer with a 183,000$ equipment loan for a commercial printing press - allowing our customer to expand and grow their already successful business

* 7 Park Avenue originated and finalized a $ 1,000,000.00 nonbank operating line for a Mfg company in the food industry - The line of credit replaced the existing bank line and added additional liquidity into the company - This was our second financing for the customer, having just completed a major equipment upgrade for their facilities in Toronto. We also arranged a 1.3 Million $ mortgage for this same customer, saving them over 170,000$ based on a competitive offer they had received.

*  We obtained  $146,000 for our customer via a bank operating line and a gov't  small business loan - Customer is a new franchise for an exciting new ethic food chain - Store location - Yonge st - Toronto 

* We originated, on behalf of our customer, an $800,000.00 working capital/purchase order financing for a Brantford mfr, allowing our customer to complete a  Million dollar shipment to their Japanese customer.

* Successfully arranged a 570,000  lease/service contract for a leading TCP distributor in Mississauga, Ontario

* We provided approval for a firm in SW Ontario who manufactures and designs modular structures - Working capital loan - $150,000

* We arranged acquisition financing for a GTA firm who expanded and acquired a local competitor - Total approved financing = $350,000

* We arranged a $250,000 term loan for a start-up firm in the plastic card, i.e. loyalty card industry

* Provided a valuation for a Toronto firm looking to expand and raise private equity capital

*  Assisted a current customer in re-financing an equipment lease under more favorable terms and rates - Transaction value =  $130,000.00

* We co-arranged a 20,000,000.00$ loan facility for one of Canada's leading  Quick Service restaurant chains

*  Arranged financing for  a new construction firm located in the GTA - Enabling the customer to finance new construction equipment valued at 160,000.00$

*  We successfully arranged approval and acted as an advisor on a $1,000,000.00 asset-based line of credit for an Alberta industrial firm - allowing the firm to capitalize on growth in the Canadian oil patch

*  We facilitated an $800,000 federal tax credit for a subsidiary of a major publisher in the  GTA

 * We arranged  a  bank line of credit and a working capital term loan for a start-up in the Home inspection industry - Location - Brampton, Ont

*  We originated a refinancing for a small  Construction firm in the Kawarthas's region of Ontario

* We obtained a technology financing lease for a major Quick Serve food chain, allowing them to upgrade to new technology via an operating lease - 100,000$

* 7 PARK AVENUE arranged a sale/leaseback for a GTA  landscape firm, providing working capital for the firms 'off-season' - 40,000

* We arranged a working capital financing for a construction firm in the Haliburton area  - 40,000

* We obtained approval for a transport company in Windsor Ontario regarding the financing of a truck - value - 82,000$

*  We arranged a Small Business loan for a start-up firm specializing in the Golf industry, allowing the company to acquire key mfg. equipment and also having access to a business line of credit - Our firm prepared the business plan for the customer also

* We arranged  technology financing for a  Computer college located in the Maritimes, allowing them to upgrade to new equipment and technologies 

* We obtained a cash working capital  loan for a Scarborough Ont Graphics firm - This was our 2nd transaction for the customer

*  We obtained approval for a term loan for our customer - A commercial cleaning franchise in Toronto - Loan proceeds for equipment/furniture, etc - 5000$

* Facilitated a working capital loan for an Oakville gift distributor - Amount = 50,000$

* Obtained approval for  a 25,000 financing for a leading Canadian security controls firm - allowing them to modernize their call center

* Arranged a 125,000 financing for a downtown Toronto graphics arts firm - allowing them to significantly expand their business revenues and profits thru newer industry technology - The transaction was financed with the assistance of the customer's bank under a Federal govt program with attractive financing rates

*  Completed a 140,000 financing for an Etobicoke printing firm - allowing them to acquire newer technology.

* Arranged lease financing for a  successful printing firm in Calgary for the acquisition of a $ 350,000 production unit which will significantly enhance the firm's revenue growth and operational efficiencies

* We arranged financing for a computer expansion re 110,000$ additional tech equipment needed by our customer.

* We obtained financing for a Montreal Quick Serve food restaurant re the opening of an Oakville Ontario location - amt financed = 220,000$

* We facilitated an equipment lease, value $300,000 on production equipment for a leading Canadian printing house.

* We obtained a lease for a customer who had purchased a phone system and security system - Transaction value = 23,000$

* We obtained a working capital loan for a  pharmaceutical start-up, allowing them to launch a marketing program for an innovative skincare product.

* We arranged a 100,000.00 lease financing for a major computer upgrade for a leading Ontario car dealership.

* We obtained approval for a  $1,000,000.00  operating line of credit for a  Canadian Mfg firm - this line of credit more than doubled the firm's liquidity.

* We facilitated a  $300,000.00 SR ED tax credit financing for an Ontario mfr.

* We arranged an asset-based line of credit for a sporting goods mfr in Oakville, Ontario -  This increased  the customer's line of credit threefold, and provided them with significant additional liquidity to meet their growth plans.-$150,000

* We arranged an equipment lease for a  mfr. located in Guelph, Ontario for one of their subsidiary mfg facilities.

* We obtained approval for an upgrade/expansion to an auto repair facility, thereby allowing the customer to increase revenues by 100%

* We obtained approval for a $2,500,000.0 Million dollar loan facility for expansion for a nonprofit entity in Kitchener Ontario.

* We helped an equipment firm finance the sale of 9 pieces of Construction equipment to a major Canadian mining firm.

* We obtained a working capital term loan for a growing firm in the hotel supplies industry - Transaction completed in 1 1/2 weeks - start to finish.

Subsequently, we arranged a doubling of the customer's line of credit with two financial institutions

* Arranged a working capital loan for a specialty packaging company - In addition to this facility, we significantly enhanced their cash flow using a receivables purchasing facility.

* Assisted a private Cdn technology company to finance an aircraft.

* Obtained approval for a paper mfr. to acquire a major plant production machine.

* Assisted a Public telecom/INTERNET company in financing their Cap ex needs over a 12 month period via a lease line of credit.

* Arranged a major multi-million dollar turnkey franchise program for a market leader in the Quick Service Food Industry.

* Assisted a major telecom company in its fleet financing needs.

* Arranged an asset-based line of credit to replace a traditional bank operating line - more flexibility for the customer.

* Arranged a working capital loan for a privately owned Internet company.

* Helped a packaging company acquire a new computer system.

What do our customers say?

' We finance with 7 Park Avenue - they are committed to our financing success and work hard and expeditiously to finance our growth needs ' -  CFO - Major foodservice industry corporation

' 7 Park Avenue obtained financing for us when others could not - we have worked with the principal of the company for 6 years ' - CFO - Packaging company

' When our bank didn't provide us with the support we needed, we used 7 Park Avenue to source an asset-based lending arrangement that better suited our needs - our arrangement with our previous bank was narrow and predictable ' CEO -  Building Automation Company

' We were growing and didn't realize our financing options - 7 PARK AVENUE obtained financing for us that will help take our firm to its next level of growth .' CEO - Wholesale supply firm



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Stan Prokop is the founder of 7 Park Avenue Financial and a recognized expert on Canadian Business Financing. Since 2004 Stan has helped hundreds of small, medium and large organizations achieve the financing they need to survive and grow. He has decades of credit and lending experience working for firms such as Hewlett Packard / Cable & Wireless / Ashland Oil