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At 7 Park Avenue Financial, we specialize in providing a wide range of financing services designed to support Canadian businesses' growth, acquisition, and restructuring needs.


Our team of seasoned finance professionals is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to larger corporations, secure the funding they need to thrive in today's competitive market.




 Empowering Canadian Businesses with Tailored Financing Strategies  



 Navigating Canadian Business Financing Challenges



Small Business Financing: Canadian banks often present challenges for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). While our strong relationships with Canadian banks are valued, we understand that many clients require specialized financing beyond traditional avenues. This is particularly true for businesses seeking alternative financing options that align with their unique credit profiles and loan requirements.



 Receivable Financing and Asset Monetization 



Unlock Cash Flow Potential: Through our long-term relationships with asset-based lenders, commercial finance firms, and Canadian chartered banks, we facilitate receivable financing solutions that drive cash flow. Businesses can access capital to fuel their growth initiatives by leveraging a percentage of outstanding accounts receivable. Our expertise ensures companies receive the optimal financing program to suit their needs and industry context.



 Inventory Finance for Business Growth



Maximizing Inventory Potential: Inventory plays a pivotal role in business expansion. By intertwining inventory financing with receivable solutions, we empower businesses to access the necessary funds to procure assets, from raw materials to finished goods. Our financing rates for inventory align with those of receivables, fostering flexibility and growth opportunities.



Equipment Leasing for Business Development



Strategic Equipment Financing: Canadian businesses seeking assets to fuel their operations can rely on equipment leasing solutions. This approach allows companies to acquire necessary equipment, ranging from machinery to technology while preserving working capital. At 7 Park Avenue Financial, we tailor lease terms to align with the useful life of assets and address tax and accounting considerations.



Supporting Business Expansion with Sale-Leaseback 



Leveraging Existing Assets: Our sale-leaseback solutions offer businesses the chance to infuse working capital by refinancing existing equipment and real estate holdings. This off-balance-sheet financing method is cost-effective and facilitates growth without additional equity or high-interest financing.



 Strengthening Supply Chains with Purchase Order Financing



Enabling Large Orders: For businesses with presold goods awaiting payment, purchase order financing bridges the cash flow gap by directly paying suppliers. Exporters, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors can leverage this financing to fulfill orders that traditional loans might not support. Our due diligence ensures efficient and timely processing.



Bridge Loans for Seamless Transitions 



Gap-Filling Solutions: Our bridge loan options cater to businesses seeking short-term financing to facilitate smooth transitions or upcoming events. Typically renewable on a one-year term, these loans can be secured against company assets, providing flexibility as your firm's situation evolves.



Chartered Bank Facilities for Optimal Financing 



Navigating Banking Solutions: At 7 Park Avenue Financial, we specialize in sourcing debt financing, term loans, and revolving credit lines from Canadian chartered banks. Our experience ensures that businesses meet the necessary cash flow and collateral requirements for commercial lending. Our expertise secures competitive interest rates and flexible terms for eligible clients.


Leveraging Government Business Loans in Canada


Unlocking Small Business Financing: The Canada Small Business Financing Program, sponsored by Industry Canada, is a valuable resource for businesses seeking financing solutions. This program's government loan guarantee facilitates access to capital for companies that may face challenges in securing traditional loans. We guide businesses through this program to ensure competitive interest rates and fund leasehold improvements, enabling growth.


 Navigating Commercial Real Estate Financing


Owning Business Premises: Owning business premises can provide stability and value for businesses. We assist with securing short-term bridge loans or long-term commercial mortgages to streamline financing commitments for your property. We focus on securing the right financing structure to match your business needs.


 Comprehensive Business Plan Services


Strategic Business Plans: Our experienced 7 Park Avenue Financial team helps clients craft comprehensive business plans tailored to meet lender requirements. These plans include detailed management overviews, product and service analyses, industry insights, and financial projections. We aim to ensure your goals align with lender expectations and showcase your business's growth potential.


Unveiling Canadian Chartered Bank Solutions


Optimal Bank Financing: Canadian banks are primary sources of capital, and we help businesses leverage their potential. Collateral, cash flow, and guarantees are crucial in securing bank financing, and we guide companies through these processes. Our approach ensures that your business demonstrates its ability to generate cash flow and manage assets effectively.


Alternative Financing  Solutions with Expertise


Unlocking Growth Opportunities: Alternative financing methods hold tremendous value for businesses in various stages of growth. By understanding unique financing types, such as asset-based lending and tax credit monetization, companies can harness these tools to their advantage. At 7 Park Avenue Financial, we simplify complex financing jargon and guide businesses toward the most suitable solutions.





At 7 Park Avenue Financial, we specialize in providing a wide range of financing services designed to support Canadian businesses' growth, acquisition, and restructuring needs.


Our team of seasoned finance professionals is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to larger corporations, secure the funding they need to thrive in today's competitive market.



With 7 Park Avenue Financial, you can confidently navigate the Canadian business financing landscape and secure the capital required to drive your business forward. Our dedication to understanding your business's specific needs and industry dynamics allows us to tailor financing solutions that empower your growth, expansion, and success.



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Stan Prokop is the founder of 7 Park Avenue Financial and a recognized expert on Canadian Business Financing. Since 2004 Stan has helped hundreds of small, medium and large organizations achieve the financing they need to survive and grow. He has decades of credit and lending experience working for firms such as Hewlett Packard / Cable & Wireless / Ashland Oil