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7 Park Avenue Financial - How We Got Our Name
7 Park Avenue Financial - Canadian Business Financing With A Great Name !



Many people ask us the origin of our name





Our founder's favorite rock band from the 70's era is a group called ' BADFINGER' - which was on the Beatles Apple label. Paul McCartney penned one of their largest hits ' COME AND GET IT ' . Other songs by Badfinger were 'Baby Blue', 'Without You', 'No Matter What' ...

The band lived together in a street in London, England called ' 7 Park Avenue ' hence our name! We of course added ' Financial ' because that's what we do!

Many customers and associates have hinted the name has a New York cache - that's interesting of course - but we are Canadian!

So the next time someone asks ' where is 7 Park Avenue' - you'll know.

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Stan Prokop is the founder of 7 Park Avenue Financial and a recognized expert on Canadian Business Financing. Since 2004 Stan has helped hundreds of small, medium and large organizations achieve the financing they need to survive and grow. He has decades of credit and lending experience working for firms such as Hewlett Packard / Cable & Wireless / Ashland Oil