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7 Park Avenue Financial - How We Got Our Name
7 Park Avenue Financial - Canadian Business Financing With A Great Name !



Many people ask us the origin of our name





Our founder's favorite rock band from the 70's era is a group called ' BADFINGER' - which was on the Beatles Apple label. Paul McCartney penned one of their largest hits ' COME AND GET IT ' . Other songs by Badfinger were 'Baby Blue', 'Without You', 'No Matter What' ...

The band lived together in a street in London, England called ' 7 Park Avenue ' hence our name! We of course added ' Financial ' because that's what we do!

Many customers and associates have hinted the name has a New York cache - that's interesting of course - but we are Canadian!

So the next time someone asks ' where is 7 Park Avenue' - you'll know.

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