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The business financing turnaround, commonly called ' restructuring finance ' becomes a necessity when companies find themselves on the brink of failure. The ability to turn your company around focuses on several key issues, not the least of which is  ' new ' money or refinancing. The goal? Turn a business into a ' performer'. Let's dig in.


While in many cases a firm could be viewed as ' stagnant ‘it’s unfortunately a bit more dramatic than that, and whether it’s a people solution, or a monetary one the ' fix' is needed, but the solution unclear. In more dramatic circumstances a firm can be merged or acquired into a new entity.


While financial fixes and business financing solutions are almost always required it's important to note that issues such as mgmt, industry dynamics, and competition are other key factors in longer term success


What types of financing make a turnaround more plausible? Several key solutions can typically effect a positive turnaround. They include:



Revisiting operating credit line needs via a bank or Asset based lender


A/R Financing / Inventory Finance


Unsecured cash flow loans


Equipment finance/ sale leasebacks


Term loans secured by assets or cash flow


In many cases a combination of different financial solutions will bring a total solution.


More than ever the 2008-2009 financial crisis re-emphasized the fact that traditional financing can almost always not meet the needs of a turnaround. Bottom line - traditional bank type financing is not mandated to fund financial distress - simple as that. In fact even high hyper growth is rarely financeable by banks, whether financial losses or balance sheet issues are evident or not.


Many companies are already close to the brink and find themselves in the category of ' special loans' in the workout departments of banks and other lenders. If there is one finance solution that's more common a fix than others in restructuring finance it's the ABL (asset based lending) solution. That can come in the form of fixed asset financing, or more often than not a total facility that refinances your receivables, inventory, fixed assets up to and including any applicable real estate.


Asset finance can often quickly fix situations where access to operating credit is either limited or nonexistent in the face of continued ability to generate sales.


Asset lending in the wake of a turnaround situation will always be more expensive than traditional finance.


If you're looking for a financial ' fix' seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your restructuring finance needs.

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