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A Working Capital   Blast Off Strategy : Cash Flow Finance 101 For SME Companies In Canada
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Working capital shortages, seeming either permanent, or temporary, quickly have business owners in the SME (small to medium enterprise) commercial sector realizing one thing... Growth sucks... the cash flow out of your business. So the question quickly becomes:  What is the right cash flow finance strategy for your company? Let's dig in.



One top expert in the cash flow field surely put it right:  Cash flow shortages are the ‘first law of entrepreneurial gravity '!   Part of that conundrum is the fact that  achieving growth through a focus on mostly higher sales ( and hopefully profits )  often has the business running short of working capital given that  new assets often need to be purchased or replaced, and the fact that the build up in receivables and inventory add to the cash flow exit .


  In many cases relationships with suppliers can be strained during this period as it's a vicious circle of business with each participant in the supplier / customer relationship each trying to maximize their own cash and profit position.


While your financial statements will ' always' tell the tale it’s a hard fact of business that many owners/managers don't necessarily know how to interpret this data. Complicating the problem is that financials reflect what just happened, not what is going to happen!   The three basic parts of the cash flow part of your financials will clearly identify your actual operating cash, what money came into the company via any equity, and what went out via borrowing. (By the way, the solution to that is basic effective cash flow forecast planning) 


With respect to cash flow planning it quickly becomes obvious to business owners that when done properly they have a new roadmap to removing the stress out of running out of cash, as well as being able to maximize opportunities for growth in sales and profits.


How then does the owner achieve that ' blast off ' strategy we referred to. The essence of your solution is around monetizing assets you already have and /or accessing the right types of debt that match your credit profile and your needs. In the SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE sector these solutions include:


A/R Financing


Inventory Finance


Bank credit facilities


Non bank asset based business credit lines


Financing your refundable Tax Credits (Sr&Ed)


Equipment Leasing/Sale lease backs


Sales / Royalty financing


Working capital term loans


These solutions are both traditional and alternative in nature .Every choice you make in a cash flow finance strategy will affect your business in terms of financing costs and access to new working capital, permanent or operating.


If you're looking for the solutions to the fact that ' growth sucks  ... the cash flow out of your business ' seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with a cash flow strategy that makes sense for your business and industry.

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