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Government Business Loans  In Canada : Why Government Business Loans And Other Creative Financing Make Sense
It Might Just Be Magic Time For Your Business Financing Needs  






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Creative business financing in Canada requires that business owners/financial managers address any area of procrastination  around looking at solutions such as government business loans  and alternative financing , When things come together it's kind of like our version of ' Magic Time ' for your business  growth and survival potential . Let's dig in.


The ingredients to financing success come from your firm's ability to mix together financing that addresses sales growth or asset monetization.


Canada's Government Guaranteed Business Loan is an interesting hybrid of traditional and alternative financing. It has the qualities  of traditional term loan finance, while at the same time eliminating many of the factors that are required for businesses to access  traditional debt - As an example it's available for start ups , franchise acquisition, etc.  Given tougher credit standards post 2008-2009 recession that ability to get approved is key.


If there's mis-information around some forms of business financing in the Canadian marketplace clearly the Govt ' SBL' loan is a prime example.


 What it is - A Canadian term bank loan that is guaranteed substantially by the federal government via Industry Canada. It only finances 3 asset classes - equipment, leasehold improvements, and real estate.  A proper loan application package can be prepared in days and approval is typically within several business days for those that qualify. (A great example of ' time is money ')


What it isn't - It’s not a cash loan, and it's not a line of credit. And yes, owners still need to have reasonable personal credit history to qualify, although no personal assets are collateralized for the loan. Finally, you deal with your bank, not the govt!



Term loans such as the Government Business Loan might not always be what your business needs. Those firms that are already in revenue mode often need more working capital and cash flow generating ability to run/grow.  Those solutions abound in the creative world of alternative financing, and the hard reality is that many forms of non traditional finance are becoming more ' Main Street' everyday.


They include:


Inventory Finance


SR&ED Tax Credit Finance


Sale Leaseback / Equipment Financing


Asset based non bank business lines of credit


Sales / Royalty Finance


P O / Contract financing


Franchise Loans



If your interested in getting to the stage of ' Magic Time' in business finance needs consider seeking out and speaking to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor to assist you in making sense out of real world solutions financing that will run and grow business.

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