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The Government Of Canada Business Loan:  A Better Way Via Unsecured Business Loans
Government SBL Small Business Loans Fix The Burning Desire To Start Or Grow A Business






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Unsecured business loans, via the Government of Canada business loan program almost always (and done properly) satisfy the need of the entrepreneur/business owner to start or grow a business.  It has become a great way to quench the burning desire of entrepreneurs to finance or begin a business. Let's dig in.


When business people become aware of the program all of a sudden the goal of financing a business becomes within reach. That is not to say of course that numerous other challenges exist (location, staff, generating revenues to budget), they do, but the idea of obtaining the cash flow you need in a form that is very competitive is all of a sudden very appealing.


Not having the right or enough financing in place can often backfire relative to owner credibility - in business 2nd chances are hard to come by in many cases.


The appeal of the program essentially revolves around the fact that it provides competitive financing, up to 350k, for businesses that can't access traditional capital from Canadian banks. Rates for the program are in the 3% over prime range, and at today's low rates that’s very appealing for start up or SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE needs.  By the way, the size of your firm, projected or actual, must be under the 5 Million dollar range on an annual basis.


Government SBL small business loans are offered by INDUSTRY CANADA, a part of our federal govt in Canada; but they are administered and approved by Canadian chartered banks.  The government provides credibility to your loan via a guarantee to the banks for a substantial part of the loan. What bank doesnt like that?!


When we meet with clients requiring this type of loan it's often necessary to instantly clarify what the loan finances. That is new or used equipment, leasehold improvements, and real estate. What it does not cover, much to the disappointment of many, is working capital, refinancing existing loans, and inventory. Those needs can of course be accomplished by other finance sources including:



Receivable and Inventory Cash Flow Financing


Tax Credit Monetization of SR&ED claims

Asset based ABL lines of credit


To qualify applicants need a reasonable personal credit history, a business plan and cash flow forecast that reflects the potential success of the program, and basic info that would in fact be part of any other business financing loan - i.e. incorporation details, details of use of funds, a premises lease, etc?


If you're looking for the ' better way ' in business start up or growth financing seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with capital needs.


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