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Innovative Financing From Canadian Leasing Companies.  Mastering The Lease Versus Buy Decision




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At one point or other Canadian companies of all sizes realize that financing new or existing assets via leasing companies in Canada works far better than buying those assets; in effect, they have mastered and understood the lease versus buy decision.


It never hurts for us to cover the basics with clients, so we constantly re-enforce the fact that equipment leases and loans allow you to stay ahead of the technology curve in your industry - in effect, you have the 'latest and greatest' with which to compete.


Conservation of capital is also a key point at the top of our list; in effect, you don’t have to service a bank term loan for the asset. Bank loans for assets also have related issues that can significantly impact your firm, such as a reduction in your overall borrowing arrangement, etc. It's no secret then that 80% of all North American businesses lease some assets they need for their firm.


Your monthly payment of course is dependent on the asset size and the structure of your lease or service agreement with leasing companies in Canada.


Innovation in financing via a lease often comes from the type of lease you enter into. In Canada, two primary offerings are on the table - the capital lease, aka 'lease to own', and the operating lease, which we can effectively call the 'lease to use'.



Innovation abounds in operating lease financing. It’s the ultimate solution for investments you make in areas such as technology, telecom, etc.  Most borrowers, (and we definitely don’t agree with their focus) tend to hone in on the monthly payment. In an operating lease, the monthly payment is significantly lower, anywhere from 5-20% depending on the asset size and type.


At the end of the term of your operating lease the equipment is not fully paid for. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing because a properly structured operating lease via Canadian leasing companies allows you to at that point consider purchasing, returning, or continuing the arrangement. Those options are standard in a properly structured operating lease.


While payments on a capital lease are higher don’t forget that you own the equipment at the end of the term. This of course can be a double-edged financial sword given that the equipment might have either significant value, some value, or no value.  On balance we would say that the majority of companies that enter into a capital lease scenario do so mainly because they want to conserve cash flow.


We referenced the ' lease versus buy' decision. That’s the term referred to as the Canadian business owner or financial manager tries to decide whether he should lease or buy an asset.



Is any financial decision always 100% right? Of course not, so when it makes sense buying an asset gives you ownership of the asset, plus your ability to control the ultimate use and residual value. In some cases, your accountant might be able to show you buying is less expensive than lease finance.



We tell clients that in the financing decision process they should consider things such as the final monthly payment,  related services to the asset that are financeable, their purchase options, as well as the cash flow effects of the transaction. Oh, and by the way, most business owners quickly realize that lease financing is easier to obtain and receive approval for. Leasing companies in Canada are thriving and want your business.


Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on how innovative financing from Canadian leasing companies might make sense for your firm. You'll have mastered the lease versus buy decision!





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