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Sred Tax Credit Financing  And Factoring   : The Quick Way To Address The Wait In Your  SR ED Credits   Claim n Canada
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Sred tax credit financing is simply the quick way to end the wait for your SR&ED refund.   The finance and factoring of sr ed credits allows the business access into the ' holy grail ' of  Canada's ' Scientific Research and Experimental Development' program - aka ' SHRED'. Let's dig in.


By both improving their products and processes the refundable credit R&D program allows firms such as yours to stay competitive. That reason, coupled with the govt's willingness to assist in the financing of that R&D capital investment you make clearly makes this program a winner for the thousands of firms that routinely recoup billions of dollars annually.


While your company, your Sred consultant, and your accountant are responsible for preparing and submitting and filing your claim the fourth leg on that stool is your ability to finance that claim.  Notwithstanding the  Canadian gov'ts stated commitment to process claims quickly the bottom line is that a considerable waiting period can occur before your claim is received, processed, potentially audited, and finally .. refunded!


That interim period is often the most difficult one for many firms, many of which are start up or early stage and require cash flow sources they might otherwise not qualify for. Many earlier stage firms rely on this loan as the most important aspect of their annual cash flow planning. Enter financing and factoring of your SR ED credits!


The question clients always us is of course ‘How much can we get?  ‘as it pertains to their SRED tax credit filing. There's a two pronged simple answer there. The total amount of your actual SR ED refund is determined by yourself in conjunction with your  ' SHRED ' consultant and your accountant. 


 The actual financing of your claim delivers a total cash flow benefit of typically 70% of that total claim. For example a 200k claim typically qualifies you for a SR&ED bridge loan of 140k. By the way , you can finance, at your choice, last years claim, this years filing, or even next years claim as you embark on further r&d. Typical claims deliver a refund approximating 30-40% of your total r and d spend.  The folks known as ' SRED Consultants' add credibility to your claim via their expertise, as well as their ability to maximize the full amount you are eligible to receive back.


Processing your claim in a timely manner, and then taking advantage of the ability to finance your claim delivers cash flow your company can use for any general corporate purpose, many times being simply... more r&d.


The additional benefit of 'factoring' (aka ' selling ') your SR&ED credit is that these loans are structured as ' bridge loans' with no payments made. The loan is collapsed when you receive your refund, at which time financing costs are calculated and deducted.


If you're looking for the holy grail of SR ED, i.e. your cash !... seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your SRED Tax Credit Financing needs.

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