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Inventory Loans in Canada and inventory and purchase order financing are subsets of a specialized industry that many refer to as asset based lending.

As sales and new order opportunities grow many Canadian business owners and financial managers find that financing these two critical areas (inventory / p.o.’s) has increasingly become a challenge. We advise clients that if these two critical areas of finance were a challenge in past times, that challenge is certainly magnified ten times over in the current global and Canadian business environment.

Are there specific solutions for inventory and purchase order financing in Canada. Yes there are, that’s the good news, but these are very limited and specialized in nature. We encourage all clients to speak to a trusted, credible and experienced business financing advisor in this area who can provide guidance, assistance, and most importantly clarification on how this type of financing is achieved.

Inventory and purchase order financing in Canada extends beyond traditional Canadian chartered banks, who wrestle with the ability to truly understand a customer’s inventory component as a key part of working capital. (Working capital is derived from the continual conversion on inventory into accounts receivable).

Purchase order financing can be accomplished when your firm has the ability to generate sufficient orders from a major client, or clients, who are creditworthy. You must also be prepared to convince the inventory and p.o. finance firm that your company has the ability to fulfill customer orders successfully. Starts ups in Canada can achieve inventory and p.o. financing, but be forewarned that management must have a strong background in the industry – you have to demonstrate you can perform and deliver.

The financing of inventory and purchase orders is achieved via direct payment or payments made to your suppliers for product you need in order to fulfill orders and contracts. For Canadian customers this more and more means that key suppliers may well is located in the U.S., and in many cases, China. This does not deter the inventory and p.o. lender, but you must be in a position to show that you have sufficient gross margin ( i.e. profit !) in your business model in order to be able to withstand the additional financing charges that come with inventory and p.o. finance.

Also, unbeknownst to many business owners, the inventory and p.o. finance firm likes to generally get paid when an invoice to your customer is generated by your company to your customer. This requires that you have banking or factoring facility in place to convert receivables into cash, in order that the inventory and p.o. lenders can be paid.

We encourage all customers to take some time and understand the total costs of such a facility – you need to remember that your firm will bear financing costs for, often, between 60-90 days from the time you get an order, obtain product from your supplier, manufacture and/or ship the order, and, last but not least, wait to get paid! Inventory and p.o. financing can be expensive, but naturally the alternative to avoiding this type of financing means simply lost order, opportunities, customers, etc. No Canadian firm chooses to become less competitive by virtue of not wanting to incur finance charges to convert new sales into profits.

Speak to an inventory and finance expert – understand the basis paper flow and the charges involved in this unique method of business financing.  Turn inventory and purchase order and new contract challenges into increased revenue and profits to promote your competitive edge.






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