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Business Capital Financing In Canada:  Eliminating Your Dark Days Of Loans & Asset Finance
3 Reasons To Borrow For Business Capital






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Business capital financing in Canada, particularly in the SME COMMERCIAL sector often comes with that feeling of ' dark days ' for the Canadian business owner/financial manager.


Despite those challenges there are in fact some great reasons to borrow for your business - we'll cover off 3 of them. Let's dig in.


While it's debatable how great the current business climate is many firms are nonetheless in a position to grow their business these days. Business lending from banks, alternative finance providers and others seem to be on the rise.


So why should the owner/manager consider new or enlarged sources of financing?  Here are our three reasons:


1. Today's competitive business environment calls for continual investment in your business. Very simply speaking - your competitors are there already.


2. Timing has never been better - Canadian chartered banks tout SME lending and alternative finance solutions from niche providers have never been more abundant


3. Borrowing rates and costs for both traditional and alternative financing are at all time lows with of course the general consensus being that rates can only go up in the future. Naturally though not all business financing is done at locked in rates



Even the Canadian govt is willing to step in, having recently revamped to a certain degree the Government Small Business loan program, which guarantees the majority of your loan to the banks. The key advantages of the govt guaranteed loan are still the same - flexible terms, competitive rates, and the ability to finance equipment (new and used) and leaseholds


Many  businesses require key technology upgrades and its often a wise choice  .to utilize equipment financing for new or upgrades in computers, software, telecom equipment, and other application software required by your business.


If you do believe top experts that business finance capital via loans or asset monetization is critical to success. Exploring options such as:


A/R Financing


Asset based business credit lines


Cash Flowing of SR&ED tax credits


Inventory Finance


POFinance / Sales Financing/ Royalty Finance




are all potential solutions to your capital conundrum. Oh and by the way, debt and asset monetization strategies don't dilute equity!


There's often no one solution to all your business needs, and often the ultimate solution is a ' cobbling together' of various solutions to match your overall financial strategy.


The bottom line - with knowledge and expertise you can more easily eliminate those ' dark days ' oft associated with business financing. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your loan and asset monetization needs.

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