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Business Financing Strategy Essentials: Successful Tactics For Loans & Finance Alternatives  
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Loans and other finance alternatives require specialized tactics for your firms business financing strategy to be successful. In today’s competitive business climate it's all about knowing your options. Let's dig in.


Not all business owners, particularly in the SME (small to medium size) commercial environment work with a formal business plan against which they monitor ongoing company progress. They should, but they don't. However it's still relatively simply to have a ' plan' when you understand the key elements of any business, allowing you to meet challenges head on.


Those key elements? It's all about long term planning, day to day operating activities,  your marketing and products, and of course your financing and growth.  Successful businesses know that it’s a combo of the day to day as well as managing your business for the future.


When it comes to a business financing strategy it’s all about knowing your options as to how you'll get there. And that's all about watching external factors such as your industry dynamics, the economy, and the dreaded ' competition'.  Cash and business resources need to be thought out carefully.


A lot of times it all comes down to critical financing needs that arise out of your mistakes. That might be from issues around missing out on what’s happening in your industry, assuming things will happen when they don't, or having the wrong people and assets in place to move forward.


The business owner/ financial mgr must have a clear understanding of the current financing within the company - it's all about those financials - i.e. balance sheet, income statemement and cash flow. We cringe when we meet clients who don't know the basics- it days receivable/payable, inventory turns, and operating cash flow metrics.


What key factors often influence your immediate need for financing? They typically include relations with existing lenders, being in default on certain financing arrangements, and having too much debt, or the wrong kind of debt. In some cases firms are early stage and investing valuable capital in R&D.


So at the end of the day it’s all about:


Knowing where your financials are at today

Knowing where you want the business to be down the road

Knowing what your alternatives are


Those alternatives? They vary   when it comes to type of need - i.e. working capital, cash flow, long term debt, asset acquisition, etc.


Your options? They include:


Canadian bank financing (business lines of credit / term loans


A/R financing


Inventory loans


P O / Contract financing


Asset based non bank business credit lines


SR&ED tax credit financing


Equipment Financing/Sale Leasebacks


Sales/Royalty Finance


If you're looking to successfully address your immediate or long term need for business financing seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you in loans and other asset monetization alternatives for funding success.

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