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Cash Flow / Finance Working Capital Challenges : A Really Complete Explanation On Cash Flow Solutions
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Cash flow for Canadian businesses and the ability to finance working capital is a top priority for successful companies - of any size - start up, SME, or large corporation.  Let's examine how and why companies need and use working capital - and by the way it doesn't require superintelligent artificial intelligence! Let's dig in.


In truth the ability to finance your business on a day to day basis means different things to different owners/managers and how they address the challenge differs often.  The essence of successful short term financing for your business is ensuring your ' current assets ' - cash / A/R / inventory are turned and financed properly. The ability to both run your company and plan for growth is what cash flow is all about.


Unexpected cash flow needs always pop up in business - some call it ' seasonal bulges ‘, in other cases it might be new or large orders/contracts. Retailers planning for seasonality is a solid example. The goal? Simply to have enough cash on hand to meet your obligations.


One of the great surprises ( and by the way it shouldn't be !) is that fast growing sales and profits can actually lead to a business failure for the simple reason that working capital needs consume cash as you build up inventories, buy new assets, and grow your a/r .  Firms that invest in longer term assets and projects should consider:


Equipment Financing


Working Capital Term Loans


Cash Flow financing


to address their long term plans.



Firms that invest in R&D and who are not public companies should take strong advantage of the governments SR&ED program - and by the way these refundable tax credits can be financed for short term working capital - eliminating the need to wait for your claim.


By the way, it's unfortunate that many business owners/mgrs, most often in the SME sector, seem to think they can use CRA obligations to finance their working capital needs. This often leads to disastrous consequences, given the heavy hand that CRA can hold over a business based on unpaid ' superpriorities'.


A good way to always consider how and why you need to finance your working capital is to simply view the need for positive working capital as the right balance of any debt you have combined with your owner equity. The problem? Companies in the SME sector, including start ups of course often can/t raise equity or debt to the extent they need it.


Mistakes in cash flow financing are often made when firms don't match short term finance solutions with short term needs.


Short term financing solutions to be potentially considered are:


Chartered bank facilities for business credit lines - these open ended ' loans' provide great liquidity at good rates and maximum limits are typically established


Commercial finance A/R financing


Asset based non bank business lines of credit - A solid way to finance assets and generate cash flow based on your sales and assets - it is the non bank alternative to cash flow


SR&ED tax credit financing


PO/Contract financing


If you're looking to finance working capital and cash flow needs with traditional or alternative solutions that make sense for your business seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your needs.


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