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Growth financing for Canadian businesses in the SME (small to medium enterprise) sector has the chance to go awry sometimes. Funding for your business expansion requires a ' blueprint ' that allows you to meet your goals. Let's dig in.


Many top experts tell us that we're in ' boom times' when it comes to current economy status, low interest rates, strong equity markets, etc.  Not everyone agrees we're in boom times, but if that's the case then how then does the business owner/financial manager address their ability to meet their growth goals?


One way to think about this in a manner that large corporations do is to utilize the concept of ' zero -based growth'. It's essentially all about using your existing assets to find achievable ' low cost' growth options. That, coupled with utilizing financing that makes sense is a winning strategy. Essentially it's all about maximizing your assets and getting maximum impact from any type of financing you can achieve.


Not all businesses can access the cash they need to grow, and while most agree that Canadian chartered banks provide the lowest cost of capital business borrowing for the SME sector certainly has its success limitations. If you're unable to increase your sales via existing borrowing that's a whole other challenge.


Many business owners/managers feel they have to borrow for assets to increase production. Utilizing borrowing solutions such as equipment lease financing allows you to maximize production and limit cash outflows. Even used equipment can be financed these days if it has a value.


In certain cases it makes solid sense to refinance existing assets using a ' SALE LEASEBACK ' approach, allowing you to take on more production with assets you already owned.


Are their other ways to monetize assets without taking on additional debt on your balance sheet? There certainly are. They include:


A/R Financing


Inventory Finance


Monetizing SR&ED tax credits if your company utilizes this popular program


Maximizing borrowing capacity via ABL ' non bank' business lines of credit


PO/Contract financing


Sales/Royalty Finance


In many cases simply by utilizing the right type of financing and avoiding taking on major new debt can significantly improve your chances to grow your business.


It goes without saying that a well thought out business plan and realistic cash flow plan will also provide you with the blueprint for growth success you've been looking for. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your funding and business expansion needs.



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