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Many Canadian companies find themselves domiciled in the town of ' Dire Straits '.  That’s when a 'relocate ' via restructuring loans and refinancing is in order. In certain other cases extreme situations might exist whereby a Canadian chartered bank or other institution has in fact ' called ' their loan, putting them in the unenviable situation of being in what our banks call ' Special Loans ‘. And we'll promise to hold off on the humor around the work ' special '!


When you consider your firm is either in, or a candidate for refinancing or restructuring that involves a focus that’s combined with what the finance folks call the ' stakeholders '. They include owners of the firm, lenders, and of course key suppliers.  These situations are often dynamic and time sensitive, further adding to the excitement!


What are some of the benefits of working with someone, or a team that is experienced in this area? Naturally finding an individual or a firm that is as serious about your turnaround as you are is key... it’s that ' people thing ' we hear about so often.  You're looking for both technical synergies and of course... solutions.


Naturally the final outcome of any restructuring can be different. It could involve the sale of the firm, a partial sale of equity, of more simply, a refinancing of the business that addresses the key issues and problems.


'Assets ' are key to turnaround and restructuring. Whether they are hard assets or perhaps future cash flows under recurring revenue model its all about keeping customers and injecting new cash flows into the business.


So what are some key elements required to get your firm out of ' SPECIAL LOANS ' and back into a day to day operating business cycle that you can live with?

They might include asset sales, supplier term renegotiations, or financing of badly needed to assets to sustain and grow the business.


There are some key things you can expect in any restructuring of your company. First of all it usually takes longer than you think, a worst case scenario re: timing is never wrong to have in place.


Financing solutions in Canada that work well with special loans takeouts include asset based credit facilities, bridge loans, sale leasebacks, and working capital financing re A/R and inventory programs that margin current assets to the maximum allowed.


The bottom line - restructuring and refinancing of any firm, small or large is rarely a fun cake walk!  But solutions exist, so seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor today for the experience and special attention that this challenge requires.

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