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Beyond Banks: SME Alternative Financing Approaches Demystified
Revolutionize Your Business: SME Alternative Financing Strategies Unveiled





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Struggling to secure funding for your business? Explore innovative SME alternative financing strategies for a solution tailored to your needs.

7 Park Avenue Financial originates business financing solutions for Canadian Businesses – We offer  SME ALTERNATIVE FINANCING STRATEGIES  solutions that solve the issue of cash flow and working capital  – Save time and focus on profits and business opportunities







Business loans in Canada have owners/financial managers treading some specialized ground. How can the financing alternative solutions available be accessed if they aren't understood? Even bank loan scenarios have some critical factors for business owners attached to them. Let's dig in on a sustainable financing strategy that works for your business.


SMEs (medium sized enterprises ) will always face challenges in accessing traditional funding for secured loans / unsecured loans because of certain borrowing constraints from traditional financial institutions.


Alternative financing strategies can provide hope for businesses seeking flexible and innovative solutions. From asset-based financing to the whole spectrum of options, there are numerous financing solutions to fund your company.


Alternative funding options to traditional loans exist, of course, for small business lending purposes. It's important to understand the pros of cons when comprising traditional and alternative finance sources.




 Let's examine three things you need to know that will allow you to feel that bank financing in Canada is not insurmountable over the long term when it comes to a financing option.

The general sentiment among small, medium, and in some cases, large corporations is that working capital and bank financing for a small business bank loan is both difficult and challenging in the Canadian marketplace - tougher than ever to qualify and achieve that lower interest rate. Good credit and a handle on your personal finance situation are important in Canadian business banking.

In some cases, a business plan will help you achieve the financing you need - 7 Park Avenue Financial business plans meet and exceed the requirements of banks and other commercial lenders.
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Let's examine three key points that will assist most business owners with overcoming obstacles to Canadian bank financing and a small business loan solution. They are as follows -

1.Are you looking for operating financing or business loan term financing with your traditional bank - there is a difference!

2.What are the key issues around bank financing access?

3. What are the requirements to obtain specialized alternative financing via loans for small businesses in the alternative funding area?

The reality is that traditional financing, aka 'the bank,' requires the spirit of a true working relationship. It should pretty well never be all about just rate, of course, as terms are critical also. Bankers focus on relationships while alternative financiers are more 'transaction' 'timing' focused!





A line of credit or a bank term loan? Is there a difference? There definitely is! If you are looking to either purchase an asset or expand your business, your focus should be on preparing sufficient data to support that financing request.

To be considered for such financing, we feel strongly that you probably should have an established relationship with the bank already, either on a personal or a corporate basis. It would also help if you had already established some form of the operating facility.

When it comes to getting a small business loan, your firm needs an operating facility in many cases. If you are an established business, have growth and profit potential, and a relatively clean balance sheet, you are in a position to negotiate an operating facility for receivables.

Typical facilities margin your receivables at 90 %, and inventory typically might come in at 40%. We encourage clients to carefully discuss what we will call 'bulge needs 'with their banker regarding access to capital.

Remember that it's challenging when you find out that banks can't support temporary increased needs, often called 'bulges.' This is in many cases where the client and bank relationship falls apart because the business owner assumes that the bank will support increased temporary needs for the business.

Whether you're focused on bank financing at those low-interest rates or alternative finance, the basics should always be available - financials/cash flow/business plan overview, etc.

Modern Alternatives to Bank Loans


Having primary lenders for business loans is often the most desirable financing alternative. However, be aware that in today’s environment, numerous alternative finance solutions are readily available - They include:

A/R Financing / Invoice Financing / Confidential Receivable Finance ( business funding for accounts receivable is by far the most popular alternative finance solution used by thousands of companies for short term business capital)

Inventory Loans

Asset-based non-bank credit lines

P O Financing

SR&ED Tax Credit Loans

Sale Leasebacks

Merchant Cash Advance Solutions / Business Credit Card / Working Capital Loan ( good owner personal credit score required ) These solutions are lump-sum loans prevalent in business lending today in Canada. This type of financing is typically paid back over 12 months. Cash advances are made based on formulas around past and present sales revenues, or credit card sales in the case of retailers. Online lenders have some value in this market area of Canadian business financing.


The challenge in accessing loans for a small business? Small business owners are not  eligible for venture capital ( as are not the other 99% of small businesses!)



CONCLUSION: Is Conventional or Alternative Financing Right For You? 


Businesses with promising growth prospects always attract interest from various financial partners and economic players. SME's in Canada are job creators.  To sustain their growth and profitability, companies seek innovative financing tailored to their unique requirements, aiming to boost sales and profits.

Knowing what financing works for your business, as well as what's available and approval criteria, are key to avoiding financing and cash flow disasters.



Call  7 Park Avenue Financial, a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you with your cash flow & business loan needs whether you are a new business/ start-up or a growing company with growth financing needs. 


Want to access Business Loans Bank Loan Financing Alternative Solutions today ? Let's get started on sustainable financing strategies for your business!







What are the benefits of SME alternative financing strategies?

SME alternative financing offers flexibility, tailored solutions, and accessibility, empowering businesses to secure funding based on their unique needs.




How do SME alternative financing strategies differ from traditional bank loans?

Unlike traditional bank loans, SME alternative financing options often involve less stringent eligibility criteria, faster approval processes, and more innovative funding structures.




Are SME alternative financing strategies suitable for startups?

Yes, SME alternative financing can be particularly beneficial for startups, providing access to capital without the need for extensive credit history or collateral.




Can SME alternative financing strategies help businesses with cash flow issues?

Absolutely, SME alternative financing options like invoice factoring or revenue-based financing can inject immediate capital into businesses to address cash flow challenges.




Are there risks associated with SME alternative financing?

While SME alternative financing offers numerous benefits, it's essential for businesses to carefully evaluate terms, interest rates, and potential impact on future cash flows to mitigate risks effectively.




How can I determine the best SME alternative financing option for my business?

Exploring various SME alternative financing options and assessing their suitability based on your business needs around external funding, growth trajectory, and financial situation is crucial.




Are there government-backed programs for SME alternative financing?

Yes, some countries offer a government's subsidized loan fund and other government-backed initiatives to support SMEs with alternative financing and loan guarantees, providing favourable terms and incentives to encourage growth. In Canada, it is called the Canada Small Business Financing Program - It's important to understand the rules and business processes of the program to successfully be funded.




Can SME alternative financing strategies help businesses with poor credit?

Yes, certain SME alternative financing options like revenue-based financing or asset-based lending focus less on credit history and more on the business's revenue or assets as collateral.



What industries benefit most from SME alternative financing?

SME alternative financing can benefit a wide range of industries, but sectors with high growth potential, such as technology, healthcare, and manufacturing, often find these strategies particularly advantageous. Firms looking to expand into international markets also benefit.



How do I assess the credibility of alternative financing providers?

Conducting thorough research, reading reviews, checking credentials, and seeking recommendations from trusted sources can help assess the credibility and reliability of alternative financing providers.


What is PO Financing?

Purchase order financing offers a compelling short-term remedy for businesses grappling with cash flow needs. This solution enables businesses to fund up to 75% of labor and raw material expenses required for fulfilling product orders specified in official purchase agreements with clients. It serves as an effective means for ensuring adequate inventory to fulfill ongoing orders while also providing essential working capital. Repayment of the loan occurs promptly upon receiving payment from the client, making it an efficient option for managing cash flow.






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