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Financing cash flow for Canadian businesses often has the business owner/financial manager having that ' suspended animation' feeling; not knowing where or how they can address their financing needs. So how does one ' raise the game ' in this critical aspect of business and what solutions do banks and finance companies provide to solve the challenge. Let's dig in.


If the owner/ manager aren’t managing his or her way through a cash flow crisis these days they probably are working on how to grow their company and out do the competition.  Challenges often arise from several areas; they might include:


Taking on new larger contracts


Managing payables/vendors


Sourcing new equipment need to modernize or run the business


While your accountants can help pin point the problem they more often than not can't provide the solutions


Where does that badly needed cash flow in your business go then? Sometimes it relates to your firms ability to generate a profit.  Remember also that paying your suppliers promptly actually is a negative cash flow, although it's a fine line in managing key vendor relationships.


When bank financing is not available in the SME COMMERCIAL FINANCE area the challenge is to look at solutions provided by a commercial finance company. That might be a specialized or alternative solution, or a traditional one - i.e. ' banking '.


A short summary of available solutions includes:


Receivable Financing/Confidential A/R Finance

Inventory Finance

Revolving bank credit facilities

Non bank asset based lines of credit

Equipment financing

Saleleaseback utilization re existing owned assets

Tax Credit Monetization

Working Capital Term loans



The ability to prepare a simple cash flow forecast will often help highlight the type of solution you need - your business financials and over all health will further qualify what financing you are eligible for - either traditional or alternative.


Remember also that simply managing assets better - i.e. faster receivables collections, better inventory turns, etc will allow you to better qualify for external financing, as well as minimize the amount of debt you have to take on. Remember also that a commercial finance company can also provide solutions that monetize existing assets, so you aren't necessarily burdened with extra debt.


Raising your game in Canadian business financing can be achieved by monetizing assets and taking on loans / debt that make sense for your firm’s future path. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you in eliminating that constant feeling of ' suspended animation' via an action plan for financing cash flow.





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