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Business Credit In Canada. Knowing When You Need Financing Options And Sources
How’s Your Business When It’s On The Operating Table?




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Business credit financing options in Canada. Sources of capital are consistently sought by owners and managers of Canadian firms. One way to assess the type of financing you need is by putting your company on the ' operating table '.  Let's examine some basic techniques, strategies and real world solutions that will provide meaningful answers to the eternal question ' Where's the money '. Let's dig in.


Whether you call it an  'art' or a ' science ' the answer to the type of Canadian business financing that you need in looking at your companies practical situation and looking for quite easily found ' clues '  your over solvency and liquidity in terms of day to day operations and growth.


A top priority for the business owner/manager is to ensure they understand the current and long term solvency of their firm.  It's that overall solvency that allows you to get credit from banks and commercial finance firms offering a wide variety of non - bank solutions. Those non-bank potential financing solutions include:


A/R Finance

Inventory Financing

Asset based business lines of credit

Sale leasebacks

Equipment financing

Bridge loans

Unsecured Cash flow loans

Tax credit monetization

Supply chain / PO Finance


When your company is on that operating table don't forget to check the patient for ' circulation’. However the circulation we're talking about is how your current assets circulate - typically that’s the flow of your cash to inventories to receivables and back to... you guessed it... cash!  Your circulation is excellent if you're collecting your A/R to terms and turning inventories over promptly.


It's another reality that short term cash, liquidity and solvency issues don’t fix your long term capital structure. Always be cognizant of the amount of debt you are carrying relative to owner equity.


Three great ' buzzwords' to keep thinking of as you assess your solvency and financing options are:




Movement of cash


Business credit in the short term typically revolves around inventory and A/R turns.


While all business owners we meet consider their firms unique the reality is that you can easily benchmark your balance sheet and operating results against others in your industry.


Ownership of assets such as equipment and real estate requires that you seriously consider your ability to generate profits and cash flow - notwithstanding that the assets themselves are the actual collateral for the debt.


We're always impressed by business owners/managers that maintain on going income and current asset information - aka ' budgets'. These allow you to assess current and seasonal needs. They are great tools to impress and secure bank financing in Canada.



Certain types of financing can help the business owner address an unrealistic debt burden. Many businesses in Canada are simply weak because of what we can only call  ' inadequate financing '.


Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you in assessing business credit needs and identifying financing options and sources of capital and cash flow.

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